Mother’s Day Reminder During COVID-19 Crisis


Mother’s Day Reminder During COVID-19 Crisis

Mother Nature is rebooting itself. The debate is still going on about whether the Covid-19 virus is man-made or natural. Seeing the current situation it is evident that the environment is resetting itself. Amidst the lockdown, we have seen pollution levels drop. Birds and animals are coming back to their natural habitat. The ozone layer is getting replenished. The rivers have also cleaned itself off the pollutants. All these are signs that mother nature is trying to heal itself from the blatant abuse of its resources.

In hindsight, we can now see how much pressure we have put on mother nature. Today, let us make a commitment to stop doing the same things. Let us prepare ourselves for a better and bright future.

The WFH culture is here to stay and social distancing is fast becoming the new normal. Economies are fighting their way back to normalcy. The coronavirus pandemic has made us all realize the importance of life.

With global deaths touching 280,000, this deadly virus is claiming lives within days. Nobody is able to assert the behavior of this virus. It has shown the ability to mutate and transmit through various modes. It has a high mortality rate in patients with comorbid conditions. Young ones are able to cope with this virus better. There is a heightened urgency to counter this pandemic and work is in progress to develop a vaccine. The pressure on the healthcare systems is mind-boggling.

The probable cure includes:

1. Plasma therapy.

2. Antiviral therapy.

3. Antimalarial drugs.

4. Clinical trials are underway to test the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines.

Right now the main focus is on:

1. Frequent hand washing.

2. Self-isolation in case of symptoms.

3. Wearing masks.

4. Staying away from crowded places.

5. Social distancing.

Everyone is hoping for this situation to abate.

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